human-centric people management for crypto

When the ship is heading to Mars
One may need some force to command the crew

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Talent is not enough to work in crypto. A deep understanding of the ecosystem is essential to work for community-driven projects.

Our hiring process is human-centric, we look for those skills that are not replaceable by machines. We look for human details that make each candidate unique to lead unique teams.

./ understands your revolution to bring you revolutionaries.

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leadership development

We are not focused on curriculum improvement but on emotional intellingence. We help managers to connect with the team they lead by developing their soft skills.

  • Reflective listening
  • Effective communication
  • Leadership
  • Empathy
  • Intuition


Effectively delegating the hiring process saves time and money to a project. We help founders to spread their vision and keep their culture across the team.

  • Define the profile of the new hires
  • Job posting
  • Incoming candidates screening
  • Setting interviews
  • Post-interview assessment
  • Job offer detailing
  • Trial planning
  • Onboarding processing

talent management

Talent management strategies increases employee retention rates. We help understand the long term goals of your team and provide the necessary resources to achieve them.

  • Personal development plan
  • Internal and external advising
  • Redefining their job description
  • Skills training
  • Performance metrics
  • Recognition systems


If you like what you’ve read and your ship is heading to Mars, don’t hesitate to reach us out and tell us about your mission. We’ll take care of your crew.

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