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When the ship is heading to Mars
One may need some force to command the crew

Culture, processes, and talent development for
fast-paced, high-performant, international startups

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We are founded with the belief that technology enables us to be more human and our work environment unleashes our human potential.

We combine a deep understanding of the tech ecosystem with a track record working with early-stage startups to build human-centered, high-retention, high-performant teams.

We work with international, remote teams, social impact projects, and blockchain technology.



Leadership is an exciting yet challenging journey that doesn't have to be lonely. A coach can give you perspective and resilience under pressure and help you keep your inner fire burning over uncertainty.

  • Phase 0: adjusting the baseline.
  • Phase 1: leading yourself.
  • Phase 2: leading your environment.
  • Phase 3: building leaders.


Leadership is an “individual work that you can’t do alone.” We audit and design frictionless organizational structures and internal processes that bring people together for better productivity.

  • Management processes
  • Internal communications
  • Company culture


Talent is the most valuable asset of a company. We design custom projects to grow, develop, and increase the motivation of your team to boost their energy and performance.

  • 360 reviews
  • Performance coaching
  • Candidate screening
  • Team experiences


If we can help you or your startup anyhow - feel free to reach out.

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