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When the ship is heading to Mars
One may need some force to command the crew

Leadership development and management support for
fast-paced, high-performant, international startups and entrepreneurs

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We work with founders, managers, and investors in the startup space. We are founded with the belief that technology enables us to be more human and our work environment unleashes our human potential.

We combine a deep understanding of the tech ecosystem with a track record working with early-stage startups to build human-centered, high-retention, high-performant teams.

We work with international, remote teams, with a focus on blockchain technology.

Executive Coaching

For leaders

Leadership is an exciting yet challenging journey that doesn't have to be lonely. Coaching is about supporting you to find your optimal state of mind. As a founder, a clear mind translate into a clear vision, relationships, and organization, significantly boosting everyone's performance.

  • Address recurrent problems in your leadership
  • Identify blockers preventing you to achieve your goals
  • Understanding incoherences and misalignment with your partners
  • Develop specific soft skills for growth

For employees

Leadership is an “individual work that you can’t do alone.” Talent is the most valuable asset of a company. We design custom processes to grow, develop, and increase the motivation of your team to boost their energy and performance.

  • Increase autonomy and management skills through leadership development
  • Develop effective interpersonal communications abilities
  • Facilitate receiving and giving feedback
  • Mediate in disagreements and friction between employees


We help companies improve how their teams and organization work. We audit and design frictionless organizational structures and internal processes that bring people together for better performance.

  • Managing the transition to a hybrid or fully remote team
  • Employee onboarding and internal training programs
  • Key candidate interviews and cultural fit analysis
  • Team offsites and management group trainings


"Monica played an instrumental role in my professional growth and success, forming a foundational pillar of support through my time as an individual contributor and later transition into technical management.
She became an indispensable companion with whom I could trust, challenge, be challenged, and reflect upon in another perspective. Most importantly in my constantly evolving role at a fast-moving start up, she strove to continually re-understand my personal situation to stay effective in widening my awareness and bringing clarity to new situations."
— CTO @ Aragon One

"Before coaching I was unproductive and feeling stuck, and after coaching I was able to pinpoint what was holding me back and unlock it.
Coaching is a mental health tool, like any other, with a purpose and objectives that have to serve you as an individual, in both your personal and professional lives. Monica helped me unlock my full potential and effectiveness by serving as a medium of the coaching process and guiding me through the steps necessary to complete my coaching with satisfying results."
— Co-founder and CTO @ Blockchain infrastructure startup

"The last person of the company I would have expected to go to a coach would be you. -- Let this phrase that I heard from my colleagues when I told them I had coaching sessions with Monica serve as a reference for my skepticism when I started the process.
I was very wrong.
The sessions were a natural process that helped me find the friction point in my professional performance from different points of view (from my performance goals to my soft skills). Working with Monica I felt like walking with someone searching for something. Far from 'motivational coaching' and without being an iron Sargeant, coaching sessions with Monica have a focus on clear goals that helped me to be conscious of my progress with measurable results, instead of sensations."
— Tech Lead @ Consulting firm


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